Albufeira is a city with great potential, and with several areas of interest. Discover, with the use of a bike, the existing mobility that you can achieve in this region, observe the culture that is still present or enjoy the excelent contact with Nature that you can have in just a small distance of the Albufeira urban center.


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Some points of interest:

Praia dos Pescadores Pontoon
This pontoon in of the favorite spots for fishermen and is a great place for diving in the sea, and also has a great view of the beach.

Pintor Samora Barros Art Gallery
Former power station, the building is located in Largo Eng.º Duarte Pacheco and is dated from the beginning of the century, 1926.
In 1988, was reabilitated and transformed in a Art Gallery. It has two floors and exterior arches, which allow the Natural illumination of all the building. Of its facade, highlight the tiles and exterior grounds, designed by the albufeirense painter, Samora Barros.
Schedule: Daily from 10h30 to 17h00
Except Sundays and Holidays.

St. Sebastião Church and Museum of Sacred Art
The St. Sebastião Church was built in the middle of the eighteenth century, and is located in the Miguel Bombarda Square. It only has one nave and highlights the baroque style of it's outer door. It mantains in the inside a a wooden altar of the second half of the eighteenth century. and different images of saints.

Main Church
The Nossa Senhora da Conceição Main Church was built in the eighteenth century, and was consecrated in the 15th July of 1800 by the Algarve bishop, Francisco Gomes de Avelar. It is located in the Igreja Nova Street and substituted the old Church that was razed by the 1755 earthquake. It is neoclassical and it's plant has a single nave with four side chapels, baptismal chapel, choir, two pulpits and two side rooms. Upon the facade is the Cross of Avis. Stands in the high altar a painting attributed to the albufeirense painter Samora Barros that serves as background to the image of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, patron saint of Albufeira.

Sant'Ana Church
The Sant'Ana Church was built inthe eighteenth century, and is located in the Jacinto d´Ayet Square. In the chancel is an altarpiece attributed to the masters Francisco Xavier Guedelha and João Baptista. Also stands inside an altarpiece of Nossa Senhora das Dores and an image of the crucified Christ carved in wood.

St. Vicente Statue
St. Vicente of Albufeira is a monument in memory to Frei Vicente of Santo António, a great man born in Albufeira in 1590. It is located in the Jacinto d'Ayet Square.

Municipal Archeology Museum (Old City Hall)
The Municipal Alcheology Museum of Albufeira is located in the old city area, in the building in wich until the 80s decade worked as City Hall. Inside has several study and conservation rooms, and a library. The exhibits range from its remotest origins to the seventeenth century, and are divided into four main centers, pre-history, Roman period, the Islamic period and the modern age. Noteworthy are the architectural remains found in the Roman town of Retorta and the Necropolis of Morgado da Lameira.

Music Conservatory (Old Hospital) and Archaeological Center
The conservatory was founded in 1996, and has already realized tens of concerts in several places in Portugal and in foreign countries. It started it pedagogical activity with the opening of the Music and dance Schools of Albufeira. The courses offered by the School of Music have Pedagogical Parallelism at the level of Basic Courses of the Ministry of Education, where you can learn: singing, guitar, violin, piano, among others. Next to the conservatory is the Archaeological Center and is also possible to see the excavations that are being conducted on this site.

Santa Casa da Misericórdia
According to the oral tradition of some authors, its foundation dates back to the year of 1499. It is considered as one of the brotherhoods imposed by the Queen D. Leonor, by the fact that Albufeira is the only county in the Algarve that belonged to the Order of Aviz. It's vocation for social assistance, makes the Santa Casa da Misericordia de Albufeira an important institution in helping the disadvantaged. It has 20 valence distributed by Homes for the Elderly, Day Care, support for the disabled, among others.

Algarve Shopping
Come and Discover the shopping center from Guia, where you can find the best products and clothing of the most known brands, in addition to other possibilities that only a shopping center allows.

Cantor Cellar
 Located near the Algarve Shopping, this cellar was built to produce the wine Vida Nova and Onda Nova, from three surrounding farms: the Quinta do Moinho, the Quinta do Miradouro and the Quinta Vale do Sobreiro. The goal it to produce the best wine that this region has to offer, combining techniques of traditional production and others more modern and innovative.
Together with wine production, also offers guided tours of the vineyards and winery, with whine tastes, and the opportunity to buy wine and a variety of merchandise.
Sir Cliff Richard, , met and fell in love with the Algarve for over 40 years. His dream of planting a vineyard in his property Quinta do Moinho, was the inspiration for wines Vida Nova, and he is involved in the production of the whine. When he is in Portugal is usual to see him with his hands dirty in the vines or even stepping on grapes in the Cellar.

In all the region of the Algarve can be found old wells where the population used to get water to several ends, and Albufeira is no exception. In our map we show some locations of old wells, some of those still working.

In this region cemeteries you can see the present culture in the Algarve, where christianism is predominat.

Albufeira Marina
Considered the most secure and sheltered Marina of Portugal and inserted in a touristic high quality complex, where green spaces are predominant and only 29% of the area of implantation is destined to construction, the Marina of Albufeira includes in its project hotels, restaurants, bars, stores, pools, apartaments, housing, diversion center and leisure.
Located in the center of the Algarve, the Marina of Albufeira marks a diference, namely in terms of arquitectonical functional conception, in relation to previous designed projects.
The marina itself has a entrance channel, with 25 meters wide, an area for tall ships with 1,6 hectares, and an area for medium vessels with 5 hectares.
Symbol of quality and environmental respect, the Albufeira Marina is also distinguished with the Blue Flag, being met all educational, informational, ambiental management, safety, services and water quality criteria.

Fishermen Port
Formerly located where is now known the pescadores beach, the Fishing Port was transfered to near the Albufeira Marina to improve the fishermen condition that here work. See the mores and the traditional methods of this region fishermen here in the Fishing Port.

The region of Salgados in Albufeira County is a great spot to Birdwatching, and the lovers of this modality have the possibility to discover the exotic species of this area through the birdwatching Posts that exist in here.

Nossa Senhora da Guia Chapel
Baroque style, the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Guia preserved inside a gilded baroque altarpiece, in which can be foundthe image of Nossa Senhora da Guia. It is considered has the most representative baroque witness in the Algarve and one of the most important monuments of artistic valuein the Municipality of Albufeira.

Guia Main Church
The Guia Main Church, small village of the Municipality of Albufeira, is a building constructed in the seventeenth century. In it's interior houses pictures of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. From the Seventeenth-century stand images of St. Antonio and the Christ crucified, and from the eighteenth-century images of Nossa Senhora do Rosário, Nossa Senhora das Dores and the chancel an altarpiece with the image of Nossa Senhora da Visitação..

St. Sebastião Chapel
Built, possibly, in the beggining of the seventeenth century, this chapel was severely damaged in the 1755 earthquake, and was totally rebuilt after 3 years.
The Chapel is dedicated to St. Sebastião, that, according to the legend, was a determinant saint to extinguish the Black Death.

This village located near Albufeira has several points of interest, being some of the most known the Algarve Shoppingm, Zoomarine and the Main Church. This region is also know by it's gastronomy, namely the chickens of Guia that bring every year thousands of persons to this place.

An oceanographic park with educational nature. With a filosophy based in conservation and environmental education, the park was inaugurated at 03 august 1991. In it's different shows we find numerous species of animals such as dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, exotic birds, etc. It has an aquarium and a reabilitation center for Maritime Species, and also all sorts of services, such as restaurants, stores and different atractions.

City Hall
Located in front of the Fire Department, the City Hall building is located between the Courthouse and the Auditorium/Municipal Gallery.

Municipal Market
In the Municipal Market you can find the best products of this region at the best prices.

Radiomodelism Track
The Radiomodelism track receives several competitions counting for National and Regional Championships of this modality and the Albufeira Track is one of the main stages at national level.

Fixed Transit School
The Albufeira Transit School in working since January 2002 and aims to become an important infrastructure in the Education
and valorization of the youngsters from this Municipality and from all the Algarve.
Road accidents involving children are a major problem. To combat it is important to foster in children from an early age, attitudes to safety and defensive behaviors on the road.
Decrease accidents on Portuguese roads is an objective to be achieved through education of users who attend this school. For more information click here.

Albufeira Multiuses Space
The AMS - Albufeira Multiuses Space, appears in a space that was a commercial unit and also a fruit and fish market.
The AMS allows the usufruct of a esthetically pleasant, environmently sane and efficient regarding to it's potentialities. A space por everyone that can be used in it's different strands.

Albufeira Municipal Stadium
Founded in 1925, the Municipal Stadium of Albufeira is the home to the city club, the Imortal Desportivo Clube.

Pigeon Village
Location where are housed hundreds of pigeons and where some events are organized with them.

Albufeira Municipal Swimming Pools
Here all the swimming practicants can stay in shape while in the Algarve.

Albufeira Sports Pavillion
Consisting of two floors, the Albufeira Sports Pavillion has an area of aproximatelly 6000m2 and contemplates a gaming field that allow the practice of all the indoor modalities. The Pavillion also includes several multipurpose rooms, a gym equiped to high competition athletes and the future Evaluation and Functional Recovery Center of Athletes, where the sportsmen of the county (of all ages), can monitor and treat their physical condition.

Radical Park- Skate and BMX
The Albufeira Radical Park is considered the biggest skating park of the country. This equipment, inserted in Parque da Alfarrobeira (north of the Municipal Stadium) was designed and pojected with the main goal of creating the adequate infra-structures to the practice with Skate, BMX Freestyle and Inline Skating, in the strands that are most practiced in Portugal, such as, Street and Ramp, and with different dificulty degrees. It will also have a initiation area, with quarter pipes, flat banks and a learning zone.

Who goes to Albufeira normally uses to follow orientation towards each place through the roundabouts of the main avenue, so we show you the images of the most important ones that you will find in the avenue.

Dolphins Roundabout

Discoveries Roundabout

Watches Roundabout

Worms Roundabout

Globe Roundabout

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