Vilamoura Cycle Routes

In Vilamoura you can find one of the best cycle routes in Portugal, so a good place for bicyle lovers. In our blog we supply the cycle routes of Vilamoura.

Besides the cycle routes we also supply you a route created by MegaSport that allows you to experience the differences between the culture of Vilamoura and Quarteira. You will as well have the opportunity to see some of the Nature in this area.

From our route you can make the connection to Albufeira or Quinta do Lago and Faro, allowing you to discover how close everything is by bike.

Do not forget to visit the nature park Ria Formosa and exotic species that exist there (seasonal or year, such as flamingos, chameleons, turtles, etc..) Bring the whole family and see what the Algarve has to offer!


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Points of Interest
Vilamoura Marina

The Vilamoura Marina is a place with great touristic interest, and here you can enjoy a relaxing tour while you have at your disposal luxuous restaurants, bars, hotels and much more, while you can observe luxury boats berth in here.

Nikki Beach
After winning it's fame in Miami, New York or Marbella, Nikki Beach arrived to Portugal. A concept that associates quality to good taste, and since the summer of 2007 came to enhance the nights of Vilamoura. Located at the Vilamoura Marina, in Tivoli Marinotel, promises to agitate the Algarve and to create an impact in the following times. Here, with a refreshening maritime breeze, the dress code is the glamour. Small exterior bars and esplanades, with wooden tables and chairs, poufs and straw hats, surrounded with water, give this place a very special atmosphere.

Quarteira Municipal Market
In the Municipal Market you can find the regional products that the farmers grow in this region, along with the top quality fresh fish that the fishermen catch everyday in the high seas. Very interesting place to visit.

Quarteira's Fishermen Port
In the Fishermen Port you can find the typical boats that the fishermen of this region use in the high seas. There are many different activities along the day. In the morning is pretty interesting to see the arrival of the boats with thousands of seagulls that are searching to obtain some food. At the afternoon you can see the fishermen preparing and fixing the nets that they later use to catch the fish, while you enjoy the contact with the sound of the sea birds and the maritime breeze. At the end of the day you can see the fishermen leaving to the high seas from where they'll only return in the following morning.

Nossa Senhora da Conceição Shrine (Immaculate Conceição da Virgem Santa Maria)
In this shrine you will find the holy patron of Quarteira and it's fishermen. It is located in the Fishermen Port and it is said to have been collected by some fishermen nets in high seas over 200 years ago.
Bay Entrance
in the Bay Entrance you can enjoy of the maritime breeze in a quiet and relaxing place. Here you can also see recreational anglers who enjoy fishing in this area.
Quarteira's Calçadão
This sidewalk is the 2nd biggest in Europe, and all the years thowsands of tourists walk here, where they can see the Quarteira beach in one side, and several stores, restaurants and bars in the other.

Almargem Mouth
A fantastic site to visit. A dense vegetation area with several wildlife species. This is the area where the contact with nature in Vilamoura and Quarteira is more intense. Following the road after the camping park you can also observe several animals that the inhabitants of this region have (sheeps, goats, and more).

Cliff View
Take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery that this area allows you to.
Pine Forest
Take your family to here and enjoy a picnic. Here you can enter in contact eith nature and is an excelent spot to take your children to play. Site with lots of space to explore.
BMX Tracks and Ramps
The Quarteira BMX track located near the Quarteirense Stadium, is the most technical track of the country. It's a funny course due to it's obstacle diversity, great for training. Ramps just next to the track, to this modality lovers.
Vilamoura Cycle Routes
Vilamoura has one of the best cycle routes of the Algarve, a whom spends vacations here has a mean of mobility that allow to get anywhere with small effort.
Archaeological Site of Cerro da Vila
Come and see the ruins of several civilizations that inhabited the Algarve, such as Arabs, Visigoths and Romans.

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