Via Algarviana - Good Practices Book

Everyone who is crossing the Via Algarviana has an environmental and a social responsability, and should respect the following rules of this Big Route (GR13):

- It is prohibited to make fire outside the marked places;

- Take your garbage with you to the next pickup spot, without leaving undesirable signs of your presence that contributes to the environment degradation;

- The natural and cultural patrimony is for everybody, contribute to its preservation and maintenance so don't pick plants, animals or samples.;

- Avoid entering or damaging private properties;

- Always use the existing and indicated paths;

- Ensure minimal disturbance;

- Respect the local populations, their properties and activities;

- Have the preference to acquire/enjoy local services, to stimulate the local economy;

- Route signs ensure that everyone can enjoy this wonderful route. Help us maintain this and let us know if signs are damaged or removed.


- Save water, namely while taking a bath;

- Avoid waste energy, turn down the light when you leave your room;

- Respect all the signs and traffic rules.

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