Birdwatching in the Algarve

The Algarve is a touristic destination often visited by tourists for its beaches and the excelent golf courts that exist in this region, however the Algarve has many more riches that are unknown to the general population. One of those riches is the wildlife diversity, wich allows to do Birdwatching.
This region has a wide variety of exotic birds and several Habitats a fiew miles apart from each one. That allows a bird watcher to see completely different species in less than a hour from each habitat, like the cases of Monchique and Costa Vicentina, or Ria Formosa and Barrocal.

Strong Points and Advantages:

- Small region, which allows to visit different areas in the same day with different Habitats.

- Good knowledge of the most interesting places to observe the birds and the most interesting species.

- Excellent weather conditions which allow the observation of the birds.

- Proximity with the Alentejo.

- Natural zones in this region (ex. Lagoa dos Salgados, Castro Marim).

- Excellent gastronomy and various cultural areas, that work as a complementary atraction to the visitants of the region.
- Wide landscape variety, due to the existance of different ecossystems , more exactly wetlands, forests, mountains, beaches, sea, coastal cliffs, agricultural areas, etc.

- Large variety of accomodations.

- Possibility to catch several direct flights to Faro.

Birdwatching Areas Map:

Line in red: Via Algarviana
Line in blue: Ecoroute
Line in black: train path
Blue Circles and rectangles: Birdwatching zones

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